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Chronicles from The Asylum (PART 1)

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

"Did you get a room in an asylum?", asked my friend when I told him about my flatmates in Australia. Unfortunately for me, what I told was only just the tip of the iceberg. Hence, it is about time (since I’ve written extensively concise about my flatmates to my girlfriend) that I spill my experiences with my flatmates into the oblivious realm of cyberspace.

Of course, with all due respect, their identities will be kept secret and I shall identify them as, plainly, ‘flatmate’, and may I remind you that what is said here is not in proper sequence. Although this might sound egregiously biased and uni-perspective, I swear that all that is said here, is true. Here goes nothing…

Scenario: Flatmate picks up a plastic bowl-like utensil with lots of tiny holes at the bottom.

Flatmate: Errrrm, is this a sieve?

Me: … (trying to hold back sarcastic remarks)

Chronicles from The Asylum (PART 2)

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Bloody hell! The amount of times my new flatmates ask me where certain household items are kept is insurmountable. I mean, find it yourself first, then ask! This house we live in is bloody small and the places we keep stuff are limited, let alone obvious! Here are some of my ‘real’ (a subjective concept) accounts…

Episode 1
Flatmate: Erm, has anyone seen my plate?
Me: Find it!
Flatmate: Okay.....

Episode 2
Flatmate: Erm, where is my cup?
Me: Ask the dishwasher…
Flatmate: Okay.....

Episode 3
Flatmate: Where is the drawer that you guys put the plastic bags?
Me: Is there a drawer that you haven’t open?
Flatmate: You mean this one? (opens it)…Oh.

Episode 4
Flatmate: Erm, what should I wipe this up with?
Me: Something that sucks up liquid…

More to come, stay tuned!

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