Pink is the new black is the new pink is the...

Just before the last corner to my lady's abode, I was forced to shimmy my car past a horde of very young, very boyish and very kampung primary schoolers. I can't help but stare at them and besides wondering what they'll grow up into, I realized those kids wore their eyes out its sockets in admiration of another kid's bicycle. Why? Coz that manual chopper boast a newly painted coat of baby pink. And before I could lower my jaw and switch on my dumbfound-face, two more much senior kids approached the group, each with a cigarette sticking out of their pie holes, each looking really badass-with-the-chains-and-shit and each manoeuvring their own baby pink bicycles. WTFOMFGROFL!

There is something about this neighbourhood that I have yet to understand but at that point, all I can think about is the evolution of the colour pink.

Its a chicken or egg question really. Pink started off as an innocent colour with no representations tagged to it but is it the colour that represents girly-ness or does girly-ness represent pink? I don't when that representation started but it didn't go very well with boys and guy-ish men. Back then, the guy-ish of men would accuse pink wearing males as gay.

That delusion lasted for quite awhile before the men of today started growing the balls to don something pink. The excuse behind this phenomenon sounds something like 'men who are afraid to wear pink are just insecure with the their own sexuality'. This great conversation of mankind spurred burly and stocky men to turn pink from a trend to mainstream fashion. But what's important is that, now, pink represents the colour of the man of men! Man who knows what they are inside and won't flinch over what they wear on the outside.

But somehow, the natural vicissitudes of cultural assimilation, which has something to do with how one defines certain representations, the colour pink somehow ends up on the bicycles of our nation's hopeful 'hopelesses', still representing the size of their male egos.

What the pink!

I hope thongs don't follow the same fate though...

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