2010 year in review #2 February - Harith's show, CNY

Can't really remember much about February accept doing a show with Harith (Yes, THE Harith Iskander).

The invitation came as a shock to me (just like when I found out The Hanson's were not sisters). I can't remember how we got into the topic but I can recall vaguely that he texted me and asked me if I was free on so-and-so days. I was, but frankly, I wanted to say 'no' as my day job was really getting into my head. But I said 'yes' anyways because, well, it's Harith Iskander! Farking hard to say 'no' to Harith Iskander. It's like him saying 'no' to food!

Plus, Jenhan's doing it too so I thought it'll be quite a cool comedy-bromance thingy. But of course, as always, Jenhan earned it lah. Whereas me, apparently, Harith said I was 'part of his plans' from the start. Slightly proudening moment for me there - I was never 'part of (someone's) plans' except for April Fool's pranks.

So, I did the show (it's called This ... is it???, 3-7 February, 2010. My name wasn't in the poster) I came on the last two-three days and man, I sucked. Big time. Like Harith big! OK, make it Rosmah's hair big.

On the last night, the crowd gave Jenhan a standing ovation while I only earned a chuckle. If only I had one more week to prepare or better yet, if I was jobless, I would've gotten a clap.

That night, I remember going off to meet the likes of Patrick Teoh, Joanne Kam, Junji Delfino, Gavin Yap, Michael Veerapan (I think) and Douglas after the show at Patrick's steamboat place and telling them how I sucked. Man, I felt like shit - even shit won't wanna take my place. If there really was such a thing as reincarnation and karma, I must be Hitler in my past life. Oh well, at least I get to eat for free (thanks Patrick!)

After all that, MACC had our big makan! At some S. Korean barbeque place at Ampang (near Douglas' place mah) then we shisha-ed the night thru. Again, feeling the distance. I wish I had brought my Gameboy. Oh well, at least we got some nice pics of Jenhan's new toy - a period-stain coloured polaroid. KACHIK-ZRRRTTT-FWAPFWAPFWAPFWAP-VOILA!!!

Then, err, CNY I guess. It was a really convenient one too, right smacked on V-day! Lose money on V-day, instant cash back at open houses! This CNY was more memorable though - I remember going to Ipoh to meet the family, whom were getting louder (because the Golden Oldies are getting older). Also remember having some traditional Yee Sang - ye know, fresh vege, home-made gravy and none of that processed crap. Got to see my rascal-delic nephews and niece too.

And I think there's was this comedy gig at Laila's. Not a very conducive place for comedy and it was a forgettable night (both for the audience and comics) so I can't really remember much.

Well, that's all I guess. Thanks for not reading :)

Or reading but not commenting ;)

Apologies, the blogger is (still) too lazy to edit his werk.

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