Robotech: The Movie?!?! THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH!

OK, movie producers have now crossed the line. First, they gave Optimus Prime puny-pouty mouth. Second, they shot a white boy as Son-Goku. Third, G.I Joe is conforming to the 'coolness' tag - all black uniforms and please... Destro is not Destro without his metallic silver head. Fifth, why the hell are they reprising RoboCop?

And now, they thinking of adapting Robotech in the big screen! ROBOTECH! NO! It's a classic so let's just keep it that way! Robotech used to be our perfect weekend wake up call - every Saturday, 9.30am, TV2. I'm calling out to all 80's baby out there to pray to whatever God or teapot you worship and stop these 80s cartoon carnage we are going through right now!

I hope they don't adapt Voltron. Voltron, please defend yourself. Always remember, you are "VOLTRON, DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE" *(sing with me everyone -dee, derd, derd, daaaa, derd, daaaaaaaa, derd, derd, daa, derd, derd, daa')

p/s: In spite of all that is said, adapting M.A.S.K in the big screen would be cool. Wouldn't it?

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