Road to being almost famous...

~Maybe its the way I look~ That's what I always think or blame whenever I count my chances of being popular, famous or rather, just being recognized for what I do.

Its crap how most people, namely the double X's, judge others so quickly on face value. In my case, most people seem to perceive, almost naturally, that I am just a wannabe, not talented, underachieving, a tag-along, incapable and what not. Chicks don't dig me (not like I care la) and guys don't take me seriously. A Mr. Nobody.

These are the advantages that I can manipulate through my activities of interest - such as acting, performing, writing and so on, to raise a few eyebrows along the way and eliminating doubts of who/what I actually am or can be.

Take for instance, my debut stand-up skit. With my rather Thai/Cambo/Bugis look, I doubt people would actually take my comedy seriously. So, I developed a character that suits my looks and ultimately, allow people to project their stereotypes towards the character - a Chinaman. I didn't exactly pull the Chinaman role well but I'm doing whatever it takes to make jokes work. Especially if the jokes are from me.

Other than stand-up, there is a particular career that I've always wanted to venture in - acting. Yep. But chances are, this face will not land me a major role unless someone is planning a remake of The Elephant Man or another Trekkie flick on Klingons (pronounced cling-on, explains the way they are as well). Nevertheless, being a Chinese growing up in Malaysia means that I'm diffusely exposed to TVB dramas some point in my life and through the dramas, I find hope in pursuing an acting career here. In TVB dramas, there are the main actors, followed by the supporting actors and the KLFs (keh-leh-feh aka extras).

And just like that same old lady, who played the perpetually crying maid in a post-WWII genre drama, the good hearted citizen in another medieval China drama and the sneaky-mahjong-playing-rumour-spreading aunty in another contemporary drama, one can make a living out of just being a KLF! I hope the industry is like that back here in Malaysia cause I held rather small but significant (Ahem!) role in Kerana Karina 3! I play Marvin, a sound engineer, whose moralistic ideals determine the fate of the main character and ultimately, the flow of the series itself! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Click here, watch the video and try to spot me around minute 2:50. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Fame, here I come!

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