All thought out and no place to show...

The brain is a wonderful... err, thing. Almost our whole life, we think that we know how our brains work but we don't. At least for me.

At first I thought, "Having a mundane/redundant job would rob me of my precious creative juices (if any) so it'll be great if I can find a job that taps the creative side of me (if there is)."

So I waited. And waited. And waited. And when chance came, I signed up as a writer for a local magazine. The job did tap and demand a bit of creativity but soon, I realized, the magazine owes me my creativity.

I'm thinking a lot more nonsense now. These nonsense pinball in my cranium 24/7 and adrenaline builds up from the friction, fuelling my sleepless nights. It's like I'm going schizo or at least, harbour the traits.

Despite that, I think it's a good idea to chuck these nonsense into cyberspace - the digital fixed deposit for nonsense. Here goes...

Weird product taglines Beastiality: In dog we thrust.

Weird video games
Need for speedos

Weird porn video names
Clithanger, Womb Raider, In Diana Jones, Meat Joe Black

Crap. Now you know what I think of half the time... better stop here.

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