Signalling a comeback...

It's been awhile and just like a Manchester United's game against Tottenham over the weekend, any time is a good time for a comeback.

Many things have happened since my absence from the blog - got a job, did more stand-up shows, lost much of my life/spirit, had dengue (again), overnight-ed for the first time in a hospital, etc. But I guess, nothing drains one as much as their job(s).

In my case, it definitely robbed me of my writing mojo (if I ever had). Well, the thing is, I am writer now and well, I write for a very unconventional magazine - Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty magazine

Yea. So with no prior experience in writing (well, if writing comedy scripts count) this is rather 180 degree turnaround. And as the name of magazine says it, having to weave medical babble with some flair in literature sucked whatever creativity I had in me. Hence, I took a sabbatical from blogging with hopes of discovering what I have lost (if any).

On the bright side, I can safely say I moonlight as a (struggling) comedian now. Although I feel that not many approves me as a comedian, I have people like Saiful Apek and Mawi on my side, whom, in spite of their abilities, they're highly regarded. And frankly, its not because they're good at what they do but they have a following.

So I thought, maybe, its a good idea to create a following. Which is why I always translate this into whatever I do to promote YCOM (Young Comedians of Malaysia). And for those who don't know YCOM, well, fundamentally briefly, YCOM is a union/an association/a loose collaboration/a bunch of (in-bitching-rumour-spreading) friends that offer guidance, help, contacts and effort budding local comedians and to build a viable comedy scene in Malaysia.

Due to the various topics our comics touch on, whether its condescending or clean, its always a challenge in Malaysia as, we feel, the audience prefer physical comedy (although I do perform this within the frame of my bed) and they want their comedy, as fellow comedian Faisal said, spoon-fed to them. Popular comedy here in Malaysia is, well, not so popular as many would think. So, how the fuck do we get a viable crowd that adheres the brand of comedy YCOM brings? Well, that's why we need to start a following.

With that aside, I'll just quickly dive into my recent dengue daze. Its the second time I scored a positive for dengue. Which tells me two things; aedes mozzies like me and god hates me (so, here's to you god *shows the finger*). But damn, it took awhile for the dengue disease to unveal itself.

For two whole weeks, I was left figuring out what's wrong with me - on & off high-fever (dengue symptom), no joint pains (not a dengue symptom), full-body rash (dengue symptom but not a dengue rash), dizziness (dengue symptom and also, when you're partially drunk), dwindling platelet count (DEFINITELY dengue!), etc. So, two whole weeks of this shit, two visits to various doctors (both hoping I have joint pains so that they can stick me in the hospital).

Then, on a Sunday afternoon, whilst watching Australian Football, the symptom I've been waiting for broke out... full body rash! So I am off to the hospital, tried to stay alive for around 4 hours before they finally tossed me on a sick bed. From then till Wednesday night, they tested my blood every damn morning. My platelet count in sequence read; Sunday - 113, Monday - 101, Tuesday - 100, Wednesday - 137! So, after enduring 3 sleepless nights, over 6 litres of IV fluid, countless tablets, myriad ugly nurses, I'm off from the hospital.

But (note to self), do not have physical sports within 3-days from getting your blood count normalize coz' DAMN!

So well, I'm back and hope I can this up ... the blog, I mean.

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