This was stuck in my head for quite awhile now. Only until recently, I felt that I finally have the evidence (I think) to back me up (I hope). The topic of the day is - ARE THERE IMPORTANT NEWS THAT OUR MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING?

When the news of Nurin's kidnapped were still prominent on the pages, I realized there were more reports on other kidnappings. When the media grew tired about Nurin (and so did the readers), there was a quite period of zero kidnap reports. Do you realize this? It is almost as if there's a season of kidnappings. A season for rape cases. A season for Ah Long murder cases.

The recent boat accidents and the rempits' manslaughter of pregnant women only further strengthen my claims. These cases seem all too coincidental. Two separate incidents and two potential front page news just two days in between?

Of course, we can argue that, in case of passion and/or hate crimes, perhaps hearing news that relate to one's own dark intentions or plans might increase the urge to do the same. Or perhaps these cases happen everyday but the media only chooses to report it only when there's a potential frontpager. Then the season starts; the less severe or minor but related news are chucked in to gauge readership.

For example, the rempits snatched the life a pregnant women and the next day, another pregnant women suffered the same fate. Coincidence? Elevated urge from hearing related news? Media wants to sell the papers? You decide?

Then again, our papers constantly publish news of incest cases. It seems like these cases happen every single day. And why? Well, if you notice, these news are popular or most read on the media's websites. And yes, it does seem that these cases everyday. On the back of our heads, we want to think that it happens, morbidly speaking. If that is so, would you still believe that the boat accidents and the rempits' rampage somehow, coincidently, happened within such a short period? This cases also seem like it happens everyday and obviously more than it's reported.

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