Is it the face?

"Hey, what's that?", I would randomly ask someone, pointing to one's face and, before he or she could digest what was asked, I would then say, "Oh, nothing... it's just your face."

Well, if you can't smell something sarcastic already, then, then you might not think I'm mean and I would think that you're slow. (See, didn't get it again!??) But sometimes, I think it all backfires, you know, being mean, sarcastic and too honest while those feeling hurt are just too sissy. For instance, today.

In my job line as a writer for a plastic surgery magazine, interviewing plastic surgeons is part and parcel. But, that's the fun side of the job; you learn a lot of interesting things along the way and makes you constantly think, "Hey, I can do this for the rest of my life!"

However, its the people I meet in clinics that irks me. They're clients of the doctors. I know this for a fact as they look, well, aesthetically enhanced (at some areas).

First, they'll take a glance at me; this boyish looking chap, sitting there waiting. And they'll turn away. Confused, they'll turn for a second look. This is when we'll make eye contact and in that moment, I can deduce, using my pre-cognitive senses, that, without a doubt, in their mind, they're saying something along the lines of - "Look at him, I would do something too if I look like that."

Man... maybe in the later part of my writing career, I would be able to coax surgeons to gimme a makeover. But until then, I would have to endure those odd glances and uncomfortable stares. I wonder if I'm alone in this, being ugly and over-subservient to pessimistic thoughts every time someone steals a glance...

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