List of "achievements"

I always think achievements are a bit subjective -- we tend declare what we've achieved something based on our own definition of achievement. To me, achievement is something that others recognize you for. But a friend told me that listing down your own achievements can be quite therapeutic so...

Here's my list of "achievements":

- Born, son, first swim since I was a sperm,

- kindergarten: 2nd best in 1st year of kindergarten, 2nd best in 2nd year of kindergarten, 3rd best in kindergarten monthly exam, 3rd placed on sports day "Sukan Beraneka"

- primary school: 2nd-best in class Year 1, met my wife in Year 2, first acting gig in Year 3, class monitor (several occasions), school football team in Year 4, inter-classroom football champions, 2nd-best in class Year 5, President of Kelab Sains, jogathon champion in Year 6, 2nd place in 100m dash Year 6, 2nd place in high jump Year 6, 1st place in 100m 4x4 rally Year 6, aced UPSR, Bintang Sekolah 1996

- high school: 1st place in 800m run, 3rd place in 100m 4x4 rally Year 7, inter-classroom football champions, 1st place in 800m run, 1st place in 100m 4x4 rally Year 8, my first job in a manufacturing country, aced PMR, acted in 1st school theater production "The Ten Penny Tragedy", job passing out leaflets, had sex, went on a Jamboree, Vice-President for Interact club, Discipline Officer of 10th PJ Scout Troop, acted in 2nd school theater production "The Miser", passed SPM

- college student: co-directed 1st college theater production "Save The Last Dance", made 1st TV appearance "Katakan...", joined Mass Communications Course, co-directed and acted in college theater production "The Miser", President of Society of Performing Arts, directed college theater production "Hip-Hopera: The Dansical", co-founded The ComeBackKings, 1st gig as a skit-based comedian, wrote first skit-based script, inter-year futsal champions, 2nd best in Public Speaking final-year presentation, won talent competition with The ComeBackKings, received Diploma

- university student: co-directed college theater production "Importance of Being Earnest", won another talent competition with The ComeBackKings, directed college theater production "Old Saybrook", first outstation show with The ComeBackKings, went to Australia, 4 days without sleep, played first rugby match, survived first bone-repair operation, survived Australia

- Theater Supervisor, writer+actor+producer for Media Prime on ad-hoc, wrote 15 scripts for 15 www.gua.com.my videos, PR Executive, ad-hoc PR advisor, did first stand-up comedy gig, helped kick-off Time Out KL Comedy Thursday, writer, joined Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians, freelance writer, freelance sub-editor, voice-dubbed 2 seasons of Bola Kampung, Best Actor for Short+Sweet Malaysia 2010, successful proposal, got hitched, wrote first TV commercial script, acted in first TV commercial, acted in first Internet commercial, full-time comedian, 1st official theater production "Corporal Punishment"

And that's all I can remember. Hmm, I'm supposed to feel better right about now...

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