New surroundings...

It's been a month now since I moved in my grandmother's place and sharing this double-story abode with my grandmother, blood-brother and 2 of my 50-odd year old virgin uncles. Right now, my journey to my workplace takes like 5 minutes... an added bonus to that puny 15-sen fuel price reduction.

There was quite a bit of re-arrangement to do but in the end, I settled with one that is quite similar to my old hostel room back in Berwick, VIC: bed next to the door and light switch, reading desk beside bed and a wardrobe tucked against the empty wall.

I kinda like my wardrobe though. It's one of those old school, rice-sack-cloth-over-flimsy-metal-frame wardrobes that I got from Giant to give my new room that added asrama feel. It kinda reminds me of Mat Som, an old Malay comic from Lat about a struggling journalist hoping to make it big. In the comic, Mat Som, the hero, adjusts the same wardrobe every morning to keep it from tilting and now, I know why. So yeah, Mat Som's pretty close to what I am now. The only difference is that I struggle to service journalists. Oh, I'm a PR consultant, by the way.

There are some new additions to my room now. The PS2 plugged in to this old unwanted telly and a 'new' old acoustic guitar dropped off by my god-brother. These comfort toys are the ideal chill-out companions for every guy living alone... in his room.

Well, that's about it. A rather brief sneak peek of my new surroundings. Somehow, I don't feel like its a guys' room though. That credit goes to my brother's room next door.Plus, I had to brave through his 'manly' fumes just to capture some visual proof for you readers (if any).

Cool huh? Its like Hurricane Katrina all over again. My brother's room ought to be the hardest 'Where's Wally' puzzle ever!

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