First entry!


Thanks to boredom and a severely sore throat, I have brought upon myself yet another commitment - THIS BLOG!

Well, not to sure of what to include or specify in this blog other than it being an avenue to pe... I mean... err... type out my thoughts? Type_out_my_thoughts? Can I still use 'pen my thoughts' without actually using a pen? Why can't idioms update itself? Why can't language be constantly evolving to fit the trends of our time? What's wrong with creating new languages? Isn't language just a construction! Why can't I stop questioning!

So yeah... err, this is just an avenue to err... to pen my thought through typing... no wait. To... type the thoughts I pen?


I think type out my thoughts is better lah. Yeah, its better.

Although sometimes I will copy and paste from my previous blog.

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nazcaz said...

Blaaaaaardyyy hewllll~!!!