Profile VS Education: Which will get you a job?

I was supposed to play futsal but somehow the organizer got sucked in by the lure of the 'King of Fruits'.

Right now, I'm left with this blog after gorging myself with my after-work necessities: dinner, meeting my girlfriend, rest, a bit of wrestling and the Olympics. I didn't really think I had a topic in mind but there's something bugging me and it sounds like this - Profile or Education: Which will get you a job?

Well, I have a general interest in writing and content creation. Recently, I used my academic certs to great effect by securing a job at a PR firm. (OK, maybe secure is not a right word at the moment.) After a month, I'm beginning to feel that PR is not my mug of beer and the human element behind the job is pretty taxing for a non-people-person guy like me. Day after day, I feel that my creative juices are drying up with the limited avenues, normally marred by the fact that there only 24 hours in a day, after accepting this 9-to-6 job. But with credentials in Mass Communications/Int'l Studies, where else can I go?

I could fall back on my profile that 'boasts' a handful of college plays that I've acted in & directed, a few 'TV Pendidikan' series I was involved in, around 18 short videos I wrote, acted in and directed for www.gua.com.my (Media Prima's New Media wing) as well as a full-length movie I acted in. Of course there is always the question, "So you have these in your profile... but how good are your stuff?"

Hmmm, I think that question can be easily answered with an academic cert of the specific fields but I always believe that life can be changed if one has the right connections looking over their shoulder. BUUUUUUT, if you're not that of a people-person, you'll probably be over looked.

That's it, I'M FUCTED! Or am I?

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