Anwar's triumph: Is democracy fair?

With a majority of 15K odd votes, the people of Permatang Pauh welcomed back their favourite son - Anwar Ibrahim. But with the man's name on everyone's lips, both locally and globally, did democracy run its course in this famous win?

Democracy; born out of a Western systemization of human policing and governing, is deemed to be fair to all. If that is so, what would the 'losers' get?

And because the fairness in democracy is achieve through the sum of ballots, would secondary elements like fame and stardom influence its outcome. Anwar Ibrahim is a star in Malaysian politics. Care to spell out the other 2 flers eyeing for the same seat? You can't? So on the ballet, whose name would you rather place a cross next to? Well, there you go; Anwar 1-0 unknowns.

Well, since he is always in and out of the limelight, and we know him by his first name, and voting is basically a cross on a piece of paper, might as well give him a chance, right? What is there to lose, we've been cheated for the past 50 years!

A gifted and an irate speaker, Anwar's forte is definitely constructing sentences that not only make sense to the lowest common denominator, but also make their heads nod in acknowledgement. Many past leaders bare such traits and won their respective elections hands down, Hitler included. With his expertise in sense-making, complex political subjects become simple and easy to understand like the petrol issue. Is Anwar going to turn Penang into a national guinea pig by lowering the fuel prices in the island? Can he do that? Why not? In his speech, its really that simple. Why? Is it complicated now?

By right, I should be congratulating the man, and I will. I congratulate him in his mastery in pop-politics. With all his appearance and mentions in a worldly stage during as well as after the 1998 incident, he knew with such prominence and popularity, votes will swing his way like gravity. No longer are social figures judged by his or her social efforts and the outcomes of these efforts. What has he done to prove himself? Where is his political footprint? Is he really, like really really that good? If Che Det didn't accused him or lock him up for his past doings, who is Anwar Ibrahim today? With his past still unproven, the man has served time and now, the people think he is ready to serve. Well, I guess the man has waited for his chance to arrive and it did. Play it small but frequent like Suu-Kyi, patiently enduring like Gandhi, and pounce on the right opportunity like every man would.

Time will tell and time will prove. Time... is in Anwar Ibrahim's hand.

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