Where have all the good food gone?

He he, the title is slightly inspired by that famous Paula "hairy armpits at the Grammy's" Cole song. But the case in question remains - Blardy hiaoo, wear ken I faing good food! (Chinese accent intended)

Plus, must be cheap lah. The past 2 days, I had to live through the torment of paying above RM7 for a bowl of bland kuey teow soup each day.

The first day, pouncing upon the opportunity to have dinner with my parents (thus, getting them to pay as well), my partner-in-crime brother and I managed to convince them to try out newly opened Pappa Rich restaurant at Dataran 3 Dua (the place that is not the old Jaya Supermarket, Jaya 33 or Jaya One).

Unlike a pair of slippers, they succeeded in living up to its name - Fuct man, rm7.60 for a bowl of kuey teow soup! Actually it should be soup kuey teow because the kuey teow is in the soup, not just a bowl of soup. But then again, if I can argue that way, Chinese New Year should be New Chinese Year right?... Anywayyyy. Not only that, we found bits of 'something' floating about in our ais kosong. We lodged a complaint and the waiter changed our ais kosongs when they should be changing they filter system instead.

Pappa Rich's definition of a bowl of kuey teow:

- a jumble/grab/pull of Chinese yellow noodles
(not the better kind - its the one that sticks together if its not properly cooked and has a tinged of boric acid aftertaste. )

- 2 above average size fish paste cakes
(I don't know why the Chinese still call it fish paste cake but really, its a lot of flour with something fishy)

- 2 foo chuks
(Its bean curd skin lah. Normally when you over boil soya milk, that emulsion formed on top is carefully separated out and dried to get foo chuk so c'mon, its not the most expensive thing on the planet! Chee cheong fun hawkers rob us 60 sens for each slab of these but Pappa 'Rich' offers only a quarter of the size!)

- some tauge
(these things grow out of the singlet I forgot to put into wash last week lah!)

- soup
(this was not bad actually. The taste brought back memories of Gopeng, my parents' kampung, and how much I miss a good bowl of kuey teow soup.)

AARGHGH! I'm tired of writing already! Still haven't get past this 1st bowl! Part 2 coming up but don't know when... (why worry when no one is reading. hehehe.)

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munth3ng said...

Hey BaBu, I read! Don't be lazy..keep blogging ya! Will check on u.. ;P