A note of thank you...

This is a thank you note to Malaysia's most well known serviceman, who took the guise of Sultan Alauddin, braved through the hordes of pitiful and perspiring commuters, waited forcefully but patiently like the people around, boarded several packed trams and created a spectacle of concern for all to see.

Yes, for once, several police escorts were assigned to more crucial duties and our congested roads saw one less VIP convoy worming and blaring through traffic. The coverage by the media on this 'surprise' lawatan sambil belajar by our fellow serviceman seemed somewhat rehearsed, though.

Then again, the plight of our fellow Malaysians was seen through the eyes of one who has power to set things in progressive motion, and not by any of his minions. For almost a decade, our local commuters have waited and hoped for such a day to arrive - so that their daily tangle with unruly public transport users, filthy tram benches, ear-shattering screeches, bacteria-ridden railings and handles can be shared by one who seemed vindicated from the sufferings of common Malaysians.

With his well planned public appearance, millions of Malaysian will harbour the thought that something IS being done, overlooking tangible results. However, since we've waited many years for such a day to arrive, we might as well wait a few more years before such results can be enjoyed. And hopefully, these results will materialize within the reign of our fellow serviceman. Pray that his days won't stretch longer than his predecessor's.

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